Economy of motion + more playing strength = less playing effort ! 

'By reducing the initial application of force, the‘Hufschmid 'Drop' and 'ANVIL’ plectrum design naturally reduces playing effort. Combined with the decreased amplitude required to traverse the strings and a more relaxed grip as a result of the shape and thickness, this unique plectrum design helps to improve picking precision and optimizes applied strength, helping the player to minimize wasted energy and motion.

The unique design of the Hufschmid 'Drop', 'ANVIL’ and 'ERGO ANVIL' offers a better bio-mechanical grip to the player who finds his picking hand to be more relaxed while enjoying an overall improved playing sensation due to its improved ergonomics.'

The 'ANVIL plectrum' is a much thicker pick which is specifically designed for players suffering from articular and muscular pain (please read the users reviews which can be found in the 'testimonials page'), this giant pick helps release muscle tension and actually plays amazingly great if you are an adventurous player looking for something radical and different!

Many thanks to the scientists from the 'Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne' for their precious help! The 'Drop', 'Attack Drop' and 'ANVIL' plectrum designs are my own original creations and are protected by copyright.

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