The Anglo-Swiss luthier, Patrick Hufschmid, was born in Rotterdam (NL) on 2nd March, 1976. He resides and works in the small town of Aigle which is located next to Montreux in the french speaking region of Switzerland.

Patrick is known for maintaining the natural appearance of the spectacular woods he uses in the building of his instruments. As a young kid Patrick studied piano and violin, but found his real passion when he acquired his first guitar. He has now been playing guitar for almost 30 years and is an accomplished guitarist. In 1992, he bought his first seven string guitar, which gave him the possibility of experimenting with extended range instruments at an early age.

Going to study Lutherie (acoustic steel string, electric guitar building and repair) at the celebrated Red Wing Technical College , Minnesota, USA, (1996) was his first step to being a guitar designer and maker.

Patrick hand-selects woods to craft his instruments: six and seven string guitars. Each is unique. He builds them in his workshop, a wine cellar of a 19th century winegrower's house, set in Aigle's vineyards located 10mn from Montreux famous for its internationally acclaimed Jazz Festival.

Patrick is no stranger to precision workmanship. He has a deep interest in horology, its history and design. After having followed several courses in the salesmanship of this luxury industry, he spent 4 years as a specialist sales consultant (in the area of watch complications) for its very top strata, in the Swatch Group, for their showcase prestigious chain of haute horlogerie (this is to watch making what haute couture is to fashion). He also obtained a Swiss Federal Certificate of Capacity (CFC) after studying cuisine at the celebrated EPM and qualifying as a chef (1995).

Patrick has a deep passion for history, the french monarchy in general, the history of the château de Versailles, King Louis XIV and Baroque music being his favourite subjects. He enjoys repeating some old traditions like for example 'wax sealing' by hand the packages he sends to his customers worldwide !

"The details are not the details. They make the design."- Charles Eames