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The 'HUFGLOW II' 2.5mm plectrum

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Economy of motion + more playing strength = less playing effort!

I was able to put my hands on this completely different material hence the reason why I call it 'HUFGLOW II'. For those who have been asking me for thinner glow in the dark picks!

The material does glows very strong on the initial charge but drops the strong glow after a short period. This is due to the fact that it is not a certified security material, the thickness which does not allow as much light to enter the material and also because it is a completely different blend of pigments being used here. It also glows green but more to the yellow colour as you can see on the pictures and when comparing it to the original HUFGLOW material.

The material itself is surprisingly difficult to polish which means it has strong resistance to abrasion and will therefore make for a very durable pick!

2.5mm thick

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25.00 EUR

  • Image of The 'HUFGLOW II' 2.5mm plectrum
  • Image of The 'HUFGLOW II' 2.5mm plectrum
  • Image of The 'HUFGLOW II' 2.5mm plectrum