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NEW: Reintroducing the Original PHD Guitar Plectrums! (2009)

30.00 EUR

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In 2009, I introduced a groundbreaking material for crafting guitar plectrums, which I called PHD (Patrick Hufschmid Discovery). This material, a paper-based phenolic resin composite, was my pioneering choice for its exceptional qualities. As the original innovator using this material for plectrums, I’m excited to reintroduce it to the market.

Some builders have adopted catchy names for their versions of similar materials, likening them to the strongest metals in the universe from Dragon Ball Z. However, it's crucial to understand the true nature of these materials. The presence of fibers or paper layers typically indicates a paper-based phenolic resin composite, like Micarta, rather than a high-performance thermoplastic. High-performance thermoplastics are crafted to strict specifications and do not contain such fibers or paper layers.

Various companies produce these materials under different trademark names. Despite differences in appearance and names, they are all essentially the same type of material: paper-based phenolic resin composites. This variety allows for unique looks and finishes, while the core characteristics remain consistent. My work has always been based on extensive experimenting and research, and I believe the variety I am using here, which is the same I was using back in 2009, to be the best possible for crafting guitar plectrums.

Unlock the Power of Thicker Handcrafted Plectrums, Meticulously Created by Me!

🎸 Struggling with hand discomfort during those extended jam sessions?
🎸 Yearning for greater precision and speed in your guitar playing?
🎸 Curious about the biomechanical magic of these plectrums?

By using thicker plectrums, you can improve your playing efficiency and strength while reducing effort. This innovation minimizes hand movement and increases hand strength, resulting in less cramping and tenseness. This feature is particularly beneficial for guitarists experiencing muscular problems such as osteoarthritis or tendinitis. However, even guitarists without these issues can benefit from this bio-mechanical phenomenon. It can help them achieve greater precision, strength, and speed in their playing, making it an attractive option for adventurous musicians.

🌟 Key Benefits:

βœ” Enhanced Hand Strength: Wave goodbye to hand fatigue and aches.
βœ” Effortless Playing: Reduce the strain, play longer and better.
βœ” Precision & Speed: Unlock your full potential as a guitarist.

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