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NEW: The GALALITH 'Marmalade' plectrum

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Put my hands on an ultra rare old vintage stock of Galalith which I'll be using for creating a few plectrums!

Galalith is a synthetic plastic discovered in the late 19th century and was popularized during the early 20th century Art-Deco period. The material was manufactured till the mid 70's mostly because it could not be moulded which led to its demise by commercial end users and naturally, the production slowed due to new oil-derived wartime plastic developments.

The material is created by the interaction of casein and formaldehyde. This material is extremely hard and very difficult to polish to a high gloss, in fact almost impossible to achieve the perfect high gloss surface because the material is so hard, almost like stone hence the reason why it was considered to be a perfect gemstone imitation that looked strikingly real! Fun fact which is pretty weird for a 'plastic', Galalith is a 'bio-plastic' therefore biodegradable!
I need approx an hour of work to handcraft a single plectrum! Thickness 3mm

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  • Image of NEW: The GALALITH 'Marmalade' plectrum
  • Image of NEW: The GALALITH 'Marmalade' plectrum