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NEW: Limited Edition 'HufGlow ANVIL' !

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Economy of motion + more playing strength = less playing effort!

This plectrum combines fluorescence and phosphorescence!

My plectrums are much thicker than the norm. The idea is to minimise movement and increase the guitarist’s hand strength. Less effort is required to play, which is a relief to the player. As a result, he will have less cramping and tenseness, which is very useful for guitarists suffering from osteoarthritis, tendinitis or other muscular problems. Naturally, this is also very interesting for the adventurous guitarist who has none of these problems, because this bio-mechanical phenomenon can help him obtain more precision, strength and speed too!

This limited edition plectrum available in 3 shapes (MEGA JAZZ ANVIL, ANVIL XL and ERGO ANVIL) consists of a sheet of cell cast green fluorescent acrylic laminated in between two sheets of highly concentrated 'HUFGLOW'!

'HufGlow' is an expensive material which contains a unique proprietary formulation which consists of 'strontium aluminate' doped with some 'rare earth elements' such as 'dysprosium' and 'europium' which are then blended into some high impact resistant cross-linked cell cast acrylic (polymethyl methacylate) or (PMMA) if you prefer. This unique material which has a 60 years lifespan is also non-radioactive and non-toxic. After activation by sunlight or artificial light, the material glows in the dark for hours. This technology offers up to ten times higher brightness than previous zinc sulfide–based materials. This activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, and the material does not suffer any practical aging.

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  • Image of NEW: Limited Edition 'HufGlow ANVIL' !
  • Image of NEW: Limited Edition 'HufGlow ANVIL' !
  • Image of NEW: Limited Edition 'HufGlow ANVIL' !
  • Image of NEW: Limited Edition 'HufGlow ANVIL' !
  • Image of NEW: Limited Edition 'HufGlow ANVIL' !